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Bonus for the Employee of the Month


Bonus for 3-month continued work


Bonus for 6-month work without a sick leave

Questions and answers regarding the €222 bonus:

1. Who is a skilled employee?

A skilled employee is a person who has successfully completed a vocational school. They can present a school leaving certificate to confirm this.
In order to receive the bonus, the person must be employed by ewiko Personal GmbH on a position consistent with their education.

2. What does an employment relationship on a full-time basis mean?

A permanent employment contract with the minimum weekly working time of 35 hours.

3. Does an assistant or student count as a skilled employee?

No, if they have no school leaving certificate or a course required on the relevant position. In this case, the bonus is EUR 80.

  • The fact of purchasing or holding a forklift licence also does not entitle to the bonus. A forklift licence is just an additional qualification.
  • A skilled gardener with a forklift licence will also not be considered a skilled employee if they are engaged in activities other than those they have learned (e.g. metal worker). A warehouse logistics specialist who has a forklift licence as an additional qualification may be considered a skilled employee due to their education. The same applies to welders who have licences as welders as a result of training.
  • – A student is not considered to be a skilled employee as their training has not been completed yet. In addition, a student cannot be employed on a full-time basis because they cannot work more 35 hours a week and more than 90 days.

4.When will the bonus be paid?

The bonus entitlement arises after a referred employee has worked for ewiko Personal GmbH continuously for three months. The bonus will be transferred to your account with your salary in the 4th month. Payment in cash is not available. The bonus is subject to taxation and national insurance contributions.

5. Where can I get more information about recruitment?

If you have any questions or need further information, our consultants are always at your service.

6. I have already recruited an employee before 1 January 2019. Am I also entitled to the bonus

The “Employees recruit employees” promotion starts on 1 January 2019 and is valid until 31 December 2019. Any claims before or after that period will not be taken into consideration.

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