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Medicine and care

  • Skilled healthcare professionals (M/F)
  • Skilled caretakers for the elderly (M/F)
  • Paramedics (M/F)
  • Nurse assistants and carer assistants (M/F)
  • Medical technical assistants (M/F)
  • Medical technical radiology assistants (M/F)
  • Sterilisation technical assistants (M/F)
  • Supply assistants (M/F)
  • Laboratory employees (M/F)
  • Medical assistants (M/F)
  • Specialist doctors (M/F)

Manufacturing and warehousing

  • Warehouse employees (M/F)
  • Logistics and warehouse assistants (M/F)
  • Quality control assistants (M/F)
  • Manufacturing assistants (M/F)
  • Forklift operators (M/F)
  • Kitchen aids (M/F)
  • Drivers (M/F)

Industry and system

  • Electricians (M/F)
  • Electronics engineers (M/F)
  • Quality control assistants (M/F)
  • Gas and water fitters/plumbers (M/F)
  • Machine and equipment mechanics (M/F)
  • A/C fitters (M/F)
  • Industrial mechanics (M/F)
  • Welders and metal workers (M/F)
  • Painters and coating technicians (M/F)
  • Mechatronics engineers (M/F)

Office and services (M/F):

  • Assistants and secretarial staff (M/F)
  • Bankers (M/F)
  • Forwarding agents (M/F)
  • Clerks (M/F)
  • Marketing and sales employees (M/F)
  • Tax and accounting clerks (M/F)
  • Notaries and lawyers (M/F)
  • Project managers and project staff (M/F)


  • Call Center Teamleiter m/w/d
  • Call Center Agents Inbound In, und Outbound m/w/d
  • Mitarbeiter First Level Support und Second Level Support m/w/d

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